We endeavour to offer world-class second opinion services and assistance in accessing follow-up healthcare services and support, when needed. Individually and collectively, we are committed to do all that it takes to allay your health-related fears, anxieties and concerns. We look forward to empower you and/or your caregivers to take charge of or become hands-on, well-informed person in making informed healthcare decisions even while relying on your existing healthcare providers for your medical treatment/surgery or day-to-day care.

Since the early 1960s the AIIMS, New Delhi continues to be the best hospital for training of doctors in India, apart from being the best tertiary care hospital in the country. The best and the brightest students and faculty at AIIMS, New Delhi continue to provide stellar healthcare services. The very limited access of an average patient to AIIMS, New Delhi lead us to create this virtual platform. Through this online means AIIMS-trained doctors in private practice in India and abroad are able to provide Second Opinion healthcare service. This will vastly improve patient care. It will also reassure empower and educate patients based anywhere in India without visiting AIIMS, New Delhi. The vast majority of our specialists and super-specialists are from AIIMS, New Delhi and, all of them, given their national and international track records, compare in the quality of their knowledge, skills and competence to the best world-wide.

Keep yourself informed

Consensus guidance of AIIMS-trained specialists on treatment of COVID 19
Simplified and basic guidance for patients and their family doctors. It is based on consensus of five AIIMS-trained specialists with over 40 years of practical experience of each.
FAQ's on all aspects of Covid
In the face of this unprecedented pandemic, AIMS2HEALTH is working to support COVID-19 response and to maintain and restore routine immunisation..What should you do if You or Someone You Know is Sick or Had Contact with Someone who Has COVID-19.
Standard Protocol for COVID-19
COVID19 guidelines, sentinel surveillance and special surveillance of WGS of SARS-Cov-2. Standard precautions include hand hygiene; use of PPE to avoid direct contact with patients' blood, body fluids, secretions (including respiratory),tests, tearment.
Managing COVID-19 infection in infants and children
Children with Covid-19 infection may have fever, throat discomfort, cough, runny nose, abdominal pain and loose stools. Older children may complain of headache and tiredness. A RT PCR test confirms the diagnosis.
Guidance to Patients on Equivalent Dose of Steroids for COVID-19
For adult COVID patients who are serious, who cannot find a hospital bed and whose Oxygen has dropped to 90% or lower and who need to be put on oral steroids have to be given a particular steroid medication in two equal parts, 12 hours apart.
Steroids in Covid - Double edged Sword (With Notes on Anticoagulation)
When to start Steroids in Covid-19, Which steroid to be used in what doses, Precautions while giving steroids, How to manage high Blood sugar levels, Steroids should be strictly avoided in, Should one use anti coagulants with steroids. . . .
Things the Fully Vaccinated Need to Know-- COVID-19
If you received the second dose of Corona Vaccine at least two weeks back, You are now considered “fully vaccinated.” You are armed with the best weapon against a virus that has killed millions of people worldwide and upset our lives in unimaginable ways.
Longcovid: Post-acute stage symptoms in Covid-19
We have all had a difficult 2020, which has affected us in varying degrees emotionally, financially, physically, socially, and/or psychologically. Some of those who actually suffered Covid-19 illness symptoms and many of those who were initially apparently totally unaffected have subsequently discovered that they are having sequelae or after-effects.
D Dimer and Anticoagulation Guidance in Covid-19 patients
D Dimer: When to Do? How to interpret? D Dimer may reflect a procoagulant state, but it is also a marker of severity of covid-19. Based on latest evidence ( showing benefit of therapeutic anticoagulation in 2200 moderate Covid pts. in Multi Platform RCT) as well as anticipated need in Indian context based on risk benefit analysis
Second Opinion: in Surgery
Second opinions are an important part of the process of informed consent and decision-making especially when a major decision has to be made by the patient or by his loved ones who may have the responsibility to take the decision or assist in making it by the patient. When surgery is not the only option in a particular illness.
Suitable Candidate: for knee replacement surgery?
I would like to avoid any surgery, unless it becomes absolutely necessary. But on hearing good things about many others who have recovered well after knee surgery to enjoy a good quality of life, I have an open mind and may even consider knee surgery.