Pricing and Payment Policy

Per 1st Opinion Case:
Per 2nd Opinion Case:
These costs include:
It does not include:
I acknowledge, understand and agree that:

It is my responsibility to determine whether AIMS2Health services are covered by my insurer. I will pay the cost of any service that is not covered by my health plan for any reason or are covered but applied to a deductible.

I will pay at time of service any required co-payments, co-insurance and deductibles, as well as charges for services not covered by insurance, outstanding balances and delinquent accounts.

I assign to AIMS2Health all health care benefits to which I am entitled under any insurance policy or benefit plan and authorize payment of benefits directly to AIMS2Health.

If I have health care benefits, AIMS2Health will submit a claim to my insurer and allow 60 days for a response. If my insurer does not respond within 60 days, AIMS2Health will assume that the visit is not covered and will, to the extent permitted by law, bill me for the visit charges.

By providing my credit card information and receiving telehealth services, I (i) authorize AIMS2Health to charge my credit card for any and all unpaid amounts that AIMS2Health or my insurer determines are my responsibility, and (ii) agree to pay all amounts charged pursuant to this consent and authorization in accordance with the issuing bank cardholder agreement. I agree that AIMS2Health may charge my credit card for such amounts at the end of my telehealth visit or at a later date.

I will be billed for all unpaid balances deemed by AIMS2Health or my by insurer to be my responsibility and agree to pay such amounts in full. AIMS2Health will charge late fees of 1.5% per month on unpaid balances starting 30 days after the first statement, as well as a Rs. 500 fee for returned checks. Delinquent accounts may be turned over to a collection agency at which time I am responsible for a Rs.1000 collections charge and all associated legal fees in addition to the amount owed.

AIMS2Health reserves the right to deny non-emergency services if my account is delinquent.

What is the cancellation policy?