Testimonial 1:

My 91 year old mother and I both had Covid and came out of it thanks to Dr. Jaiya and his caring and very competent advice.

He not only gave me excellent advice, but also educated me by sending me several articles to back up his advice. No overmedication at all, just sound, confident advice from someone who has been giving free advice to thousands of people over the last year. We had no strong medicines and no side effects from them.

He anticipated and caught a tricky problem of a drop in sodium in my mother’s case which made a huge difference in her recovery. He suggested simple things done well at home that made a big difference, even for my very elderly mom. All the difference between getting well or not. He kept in touch regularly and checked how we were doing. At a time when doctors were exhausted and had not a minute to spare, he spoke to me unhurriedly and answered all my questions with clarity and compassion. He has helped me with advice even two months after recovery.

May he stay blessed and happy for all the wonderful service he has been doing in these difficult times.

Mrs. Meeta Mastani
Social entrepreneur and artist.

Testimonial 2:

Compassionate Care with Minimal Medication

We (my family and I) are hugely indebted to Dr. Guriqbal Singh Jaiya, CMD of AIMS2Health.com, and his two colleagues on aims2health.com (Dr. Dinesh Mittal --Nephrologist and Dr. A J Kanwar --Dermatologist) for providing me free guidance and prescribing COVID and other treatments to my grandfather, who is 67 years old. He has long-standing high blood pressure, heart, and kidney disease. He also has chronic kidney failure, which was detected only in February 2021.

On the 19th of April, 2021, my grandfather developed a fever with chills, a slight cough with some white phlegm, and after some days heaviness in his chest and chest pain on coughing.

On April 20, 2021, his Rapid Diagnostic Test for Covid 19 came out positive. We consulted a doctor who prescribed for him tablets of paracetamol, doxycycline, ivermectin, azithromycin, and Predmet. Although his fever remained under control his overall condition was deteriorating day by day. Late at night on the 25th of April, his blood oxygen saturation level started dropping; it touched 88%. In those hard times, I and my whole family started panicking.

We rushed him to a nearby hospital in the morning on April 26; unfortunately, in a chaotic situation of too many sick patients, no Covid bed was available in that or any other hospital. On our repeated request, the doctors in the hospital finally checked the vitals of my grandfather. His SpO2 saturation level with a finger oximeter was around 80%.

They asked us to get his chest HRCT done, which cost us Rs. 5,400. His CT score was 11/25. Yet, we got no further help. Totally disheartened, we returned home.

Fortunately, a friend of mine knew of Dr. Jaiya's free services, as a volunteer doctor, provided through a Covid Support Group on WhatsApp. My friend gave me the contact number of Dr.Jaiya. I contacted him immediately.

Very patiently, Dr. Jaiya heard the story of my grandfather's illness and the numerous challenges we were facing, including the economic issues that limited our options; he systematically guided me, based on a written protocol that he shared with me, on how to manage my grandfather as a caregiver. He prescribed new treatments based on the symptoms of my grandfather's condition. During the course of his illness, my grandfather had diarrhea, body aches, and pains, hiccups, fatigue, and heaviness in the chest.

Dr. Jaiya stopped almost all the medicines prescribed by the first doctor on April 22. He told me that the most important thing was to increase the dose of my grandfather's oral steroid medication as per his standard protocol that was entirely based on the internationally accepted standard of care for use of steroids for Covid 19 patients. He also added a blood thinner medicine (Apixaban). We followed his advice from the same day onwards. He asked us to continue giving my grandfather all the medicines that he has been taking regularly since 2008; these included Tab. Clopidogrel (Clopitab) and Tab. Rosuvastatin (Novostat).>

Meanwhile, he asked us to arrange an oxygen concentrator or oxygen cylinder because my grandfather's oxygen saturation was dropping continuously. We could not afford to rent or buy an Oxygen concentrator. This was a huge problem for us. We faced extreme hardship even while arranging the empty oxygen cylinders because oxygen cylinders were not available for rent at that time. After an intense struggle of 3 days, somehow we managed to arrange 2 cylinders of 10L each. Getting oxygen was the next challenge. Even at the rate of 1 Litre per minute, the Oxygen cylinder would empty fast. It took 7 hours in a long queue to get the 10 L cylinder refilled for Rs. 50. This meant we had no oxygen to give my grandfather for three hours or longer between the two refills that were seven hours apart. My friends and relatives stood in the queue to get the cylinders refilled, while I had to remain with my grandfather, as my father was also unwell.

From April 27, I was maintaining a tabular report of his vitals and send it to him every 4 hours and then every day later on. Dr. Jaiya analyzed those vitals and always replied promptly.

On the 11th day of his treatment by Dr. Jaiya, his condition started improving and his oxygen saturation started approaching 90% without oxygen support. Then Dr. Jaiya started tapering his oral steroids but continued his oral blood thinner medication. His condition has gradually improved day by day.

Dr. Jaiya then referred my grandfather to Dr. Dinesh Mittal, a kidney specialist, who is also on aims2health.com. Dr. Mittal helped my grandfather in his kidney treatment as his creatinine was high (2.45) and he also has severe anemia due to his kidney disease.Dr. Mittal very graciously arranged free of cost 10 injections of Darbepoetin worth about Rs. 25,000. These are for the treatment of my grandfather's low hemoglobin due to his kidney disease. Dr. Mittlal too did not take any consultation fees.

By now, my grandfather has almost fully recovered from Covid 19 under the guidance and support of Dr.Jaiya and his two consultant colleagues at AIMS2Health.com.

After recovery from Covid illness, my grandfather developed a widespread skin infection. This was treated by Dr. Jaiya, after he consulted a renowned dermatologist in Delhi, Dr. A J Kanwar, who is also a consultant of aims2health.com. Dr. Kanwar also did not take any consultation fees.

Dr. Jaiya has helped me also financially by sending cash through Paytm. On top of all, he never asked me for any consultation fees.

He is still helping and guiding me for my grandfather's treatment. I am forever grateful for Dr.Jaiya and AIMS2Health.com.

I am particularly delighted that Dr. Jaiya has agreed to mentor and guide me in my future career after I finish my final year of Engineering. At present, I am studying Electrical Engineering in a reputed college in Delhi. I have topped in all the first three years in my class. I have been studying on scholarships throughout, as my parents cannot afford to pay for my college fees.

The three doctors of aims2health were our only rays of hope in those dark times. God has been kind in sending these three angels to our rescue, through aims2health.com.

Expenses in Rupees (approx):

Total Expenses: Rs. 60,200

Chetan Prakash
June 14, 2021
Village - Khampur, P O Alipur
District - North West
Delhi 110036, India

Testimonial 3:

Pleasant experience of Tele-medicare in not-so-pleasant COVID-19

I would like to share my wonderful experience of tele-medicare with Dr. Jaiya. My father, who is a senior citizen aged 77 years, bed-ridden due to paralysis after a stroke, suffers from diabetes & obesity, caught COVID-19 at the start of May, 2021. Him catching the dreaded infection came as a big blow to our small family of four, which has my 5 years old son and 71 years old mother. The country was in the thick of oxygen crisis and the last thing I wanted was hospitalisation of my father due to lack of oxygen saturation. And then my worst fears came true when his oxygen saturation level started dipping. My family physician advised me to immediately arrange for oxygen and make arrangements for a bed in a hospital for my father. Health system in India had collapsed by then and I was afraid that my father may never return from the hospital. During such tumultuous times, a family friend referred me to Dr. Jaiya.

Dr. Jaiya handled the case of my father with utmost professionalism, wisdom, and compassion. The very first time I communicated with Dr. Jaiya, he lent me an ear, pacified me, sensing the emotional turmoil I was in, and asked probing questions to correctly assess my father’s condition. He assured me that he would try as much as he could to avoid a hospital visit of my father. He provided me detailed instructions to observe vitals of my father and prepare reports.

My father’s conditions continued to deteriorate for few days; however, the manner in which Dr. Jaiya was organised, continually communicating with me, and changing prescription based on observations recorded in the reports, I was assured that my father was in the best hands. Dr. Jaiya checked the reports daily and prescribed medical tests, medicines based on those reports. I was concerned for my father during this whole period; however, I certainly wasn’t worried as by involving me in the process, Dr. Jaiya made me feel empowered to improve my father’s health. My faith in Dr. Jaiya was strengthened when my father showed signs of improvement. It was a very slow progress; however, considering the nature of COVID-19 infection, my father’s age and co-morbidities, it was an extraordinary achievement, both for me as well as for Dr. Jaiya.

Now, after four weeks, my father is on the course of recovery and is without oxygen support. This is a miracle of medical science, made possible by Dr. Jaiya.

What makes my father’s recovery furthermore special is that it was made possible by Dr. Jaiya utilising tele-consultation, and I was both his assistant and my father’s caretaker in this entire process.

I would like to convey my profound gratitude and best wishes to Dr. Jaiya for his incredible support.

Mrs. Gurjas Kaur
Faridabad, Haryana

Testimonial 4:

I, Col Sukhvinder Singh Sodhi, DGM, ONGC, New Delhi and Dr Guriqbal Singh Jaiya, Chairman cum Managing Director, Aims2health Private Ltd, New Delhi have been a part of a WhatsApp Covid Support volunteers group in Delhi, India since June 2020.

Dr. Jaiya is one of the 30 volunteer doctors in the doctors team of https://sewa4all.com/home . He has made himself available to all poor patients, 24/7 in emergencies, throughout the last one year. For not severely ill patients, he was available from 8.00 am to 10.00 pm daily throughout the last one year.

His up-to-date knowledge, proficiency in clinical medicine, dedication to duty, and above all his commitment to his patients is legendary.

Over the last one year, I have referred many COVID cases to him; in dealing with them, he was always humble enough to attend to them even at mid night; despite this service, being a https://sewa4all.com/home volunteer, he naturally charged them no fee whether they were poor, came from a middle class family or even a rich family.

It was only from April 23 onwards this year, when relatively much better off patients (who couldn’t get admission to a COVID Ward or ICU started coming to the WhatsApp Support Group and started crowding out the poorer patients), that he started charging them a small fee and that too after a tele-consultation. So they paid as and when, and if they could, pay. What is more, the paying and free patients received exactly the same standard of care. In addition, often the free patients were helped by him, directly and indirectly, by his making or having other patients make

payment to the poor patients, through Paytm to help the poor patients buy medicines, food, oximeters, nebulisers, etc, as was required to make his prescription effective.

I too took his advice when I was recovering from COVID illness and was suffering from post Covid issues. His advice helped me to relieve my stress and that helped me to recover much faster.

His knowledge, commitment, dedication, and proficiency inspires everyone, including other volunteers like me, to do more. I am indeed personally grateful to him for his guidance and support.

I am pleased and privileged to write these few words to acknowledge his selfless services to society.

God bless him with good health, long life and happiness at every moment.

Col Sukhvinder Singh Sodhi
New Delhi, India

Testimonial 5:

  • Age: 51
  • Sex: Female
  • Weight (Kg): 66. kg
  • Height: 5'1"

We will always be eternally thankful to Dr. Guriqbal Singh as he helped us during the despairing time of our lives. In the wave of covid-19 of the year 2021, our mother had contracted the dreaded virus on 23rd April with a fever of 99 degrees with chills. At the onset, we weren't sure if this was covid so we waited a day for the fever to subside. The next day, she fainted on the terrace and we quickly consulted Dr. Anurag Gupta of Gangaram Hospital. He prescribed a few tests for which samples were collected on 25th April.

On 26th April, she also had symptoms such as diarrhea & body ache along with fever. On 27th April the results were reported positive for covid-19 with a score of 23/37. On 27th April, Dr. Anurag prescribed Medrol 16mg, Ecosprin 75mg along with few more meds to regulate B.P. & Diabetes. He also asked us to record the SPO2 & Temp. levels every 2 hours. Further, he asked us to get the CT scan done by 30th April.

Between 27th April to 31st April, we tried to maintain the SPO2 levels by making her lie in a prone position, but it became very difficult as she started coughing with phlegm & started feeling heaviness in the chest. She started having difficulty in deep breathing as if there is an obstacle that is preventing air from going in.

These symptoms kept increasing day by day so much so that taking a few steps to the washroom felt like a herculean task as the SPO2 level dropped to 89. As she was also suffering from diarrhea the normal visit to the washroom looked nothing less than dangerous for her as we felt like she could faint & hurt herself further. We received the CT Scan report with an HRCT score of 14/25.

On the night of 31sy April, the fever increased to 101 degrees & SPO2 levels started going down slowly & reached 87. As the doctor was unavailable. we panicked and called everywhere we could and someone suggested we give her a nebulizer with a further dose of another steroid which we did. It was of no help and we were scared and worried the entire night.

On 1st May Dr. Anurag asked us to arrange for Remdesivir and look for a bed in any hospital. Since we were reluctant to visit the hospital due to the rampant spread of covid-19 and overcrowding at every hospital, we panicked and started asking around everywhere once again. The Oxygen level fell to 79 while going to the washroom and no medicines could provide any relief. Then, someone who was treated by Dr. Guriqbal Singh Jaiya at home and recovered with no side-effect of any kind suggested we consult him for a second opinion.

On 1st May Dr. Guriqbal Singh assured us that he could guide us to treat our mother at home even in this situation & that we should wait before crowding the hospital. We decided to take a leap of faith and follow Dr. Guriqbal from that day onwards. After inquiring about all the details, he asked to continue recording the vitals like B.P., sugar, temperature along with the additional respiratory rate and pulse rate values every hour. He educated us about the fact that we should not have started her on steroids so soon and that these are high dosages therefore we cannot stop the steroids suddenly. Every day with keen observations of the recording we started lowering the dosages of steroids slowly. He suggested we acquire and get started on an Oxygen concentrator & Oxygen cylinder with a few important pointers, such as:

It took total of 18 days to recover where the weakness still persists.
Fever had come down in 15 days.

Expenses in INR ( approx ) :

Amandeep Singh
West Delhi

Testimonial 6:

On 23rd April, 2021, my 69 year old husband suddenly came down with fever; he had no other symptoms.

My husband is diabetic and has had heart related problems. He has dental problems too. His eating habits are a challenge to manage. I was really worried. I dosed him with antibiotics, crocin and vitamins but his fever continued over the next days without a break.

The horrid news on TV, social media and in the printed newspapers began to worry us all. We started looking around to try and get ourselves tested at home for Covid-19 by nose and throat swab based RT-PCR test; unfortunately, at least three reputed test laboratories fixed appointments, gave dates and then cancelled at the last minute.

Meanwhile, I was constantly in touch with my husband's regular Doctor, a cardiologist, who only kept changing the antibiotics to bring down my husband’s fever.

Around April 28, both my son and I, while having no symptoms, noticed a loss of smell and taste.

Meanwhile, my husband's fever kept on increasing steadily day-by-day. Finally, I managed to get all three of us tested for Covid-19; all three of us were confirmed to be Covid-19 positive on 7th May.

On a friend advice I also got my husband's CBC, D-Dimer, LFT, KFT, etc tests done. His D-dimer levels came out to be very abnormally high, while his SpO2 level, which was earlier around 92% to 93%, had started falling sharply to as low as 74% once. My husband has been a heavy smoker all his life till December 2020, when he had a problem with one of his vocal cords. That’s when his ENT doctor advised that my husband should stop smoking. This seems to have contributed to his lung problems?

I sent all his blood reports to another Doctor who advised immediate hospitalisation. But with all the horror stories, I was seeing on TV everyday, I was terrified of sending him to a hospital; I was also mindful of the exorbitant expenses in some of the big private hospitals that I couldn’t really afford.

I managed to get an oxygen concentrator on the black market at an exorbitant price. This did not suffice. I started looking for a bed in a hospital COVID 19 ward but when I could not find any hospital bed and his oxygen was hovering between 82% to 88%, I told my son, to be prepared for the worst.

It was only on the 9th May 2021 around 9.30 pm which is rather late at night when all this was happening, that I remembered Dr Guriqbal Singh Jaiya, Chairman cum Manging Director, AIMS2Health.com. I called him when my husband’s SpO2 had fallen to 82%; Dr. Jaiya immediately took charge of my husband over WhatsApp.

On May 9, I sent him all my husband's test reports, his regular medicine list and fever and SpO2 records. Also he sent me a form for recording the sequence of his symptoms and a lot more as per a protocol that he had elaborated on of May 2, 2021 of AIMS2HEALTH.COM .

As immediate hospitalisation was not possible, he asked us to procure a Foracort inhaler (which we did immediately). By the time the inhaler could be procured my husband’s SpO2 level had fallen to 72% at 11.00 pm on May 9; I give him four puffs at 11.05 pm that night. By 11.20 pm his SpO2 came up to 92%. Just 800 mcg of Dexamethasone it seems was all that was needed to produce this magical and most satisfying result. My son and I kept a night long vigil to record his SpO2 and pulse rate in a tabular format. During the night his SpO2 level fluctuations were from mid 80s to 92%. In the morning, I gave him another four puffs of Foracort.

Following Dr Jaiya's advice, I started giving him Rivaroxaban 2.5mg, 12 hours apart. I continued him on Foracort 200 puffs: four puffs (800 mcg of Dexamethasone) in the morning and four puffs in the late evening. He stopped steam inhalation. Fortunately he never needed oral Dexamethasone. This helped in manging his blood sugar much better despite his heavy snacking especially in the evening; a new habit acquired after he gave up smoking in December 2020.

By 11th May, i. e., within less than 48 hrs of following Dr Jaiya's advice, my husband's continuous fever left him and he started to steadily improve.

By May 25, he had started eating normally (including snacking in the evening).

He is doing limited exertion now. For the last three days, his life is more or less back to normal.

My son and I had also recovered our sense of smell within about five days of having lost these.

I still wonder at my good fortune in getting such a step by step detailed medical advice from Dr. G S Jaiya all by a mere telephone call, which literally saved my husband's life without the need for him to be sent to a hospital. He also reduced my husband’s medication to only what was absolutely essential.

Later on, I found out that Dr. Jaiya was looking after almost 20 patients at the time while he was looking after my husband; all this over WhatsApp and phone calls but in as systematic a manner as is done in a hospital ICU; perhaps better 🤔.

I salute his dedication, professionalism and his infinite patience with a stubborn patient like my husband.

Mrs Runu Ghosh
Rtd Civil Servant
Timarpur, Delhi, June 10, 2021

Testimonial 7:

We have no words to express our sincere gratitude to Dr. Guriqbal Singh Jaiya, CMD AIMS2Health.com. for his valuable guidence during that dark phase of covid-19.

Two months ago, me, my wife, my brother and his wife, we four got infected with Corona virus and had no clue what to do next because there is no exact treatment of this virus.

Somehow we got to know about Dr. Jaiya and from the very first day we were relaxed because now we had all the answers for all our questions.

His motivation and guidance was benefiting us like a light in the darkness.

We are feeling like we have fortunate that we were seeking advise from a wise and experienced doctor like Dr. Jaiya. He never over medicate us and motivate us to think positive.

We are glad to have a chance to say thanks to Dr. Guriqbal Singh Jaiya. May god bless you with all happiness and joy.
Harpreet Singh & Mini

Testimonial 8:

It was the middle of April : one fine morning ,my daughter who had come over from Mumbai came over and calmly said that she is running temperature and with that it all started . We are four family members ( my old mother aged 94 years , my wife , daughter and myself). We had a couple who worked at our place and stayed with us .

We immediately isolated our daughter and got the RTPCR test done - positive. My wife was next and isolated and then it was my turn to get isolated with positive report. All the time we kept our mother isolated. Ultimately, over a period of one week , the entire family including my mother and the two servants were afflicted.

In the meantime, I started contacting one doctor after another and it was the same story - start on all the list of medicines and get all the tests done . All this is easier said than done with everyone affected with the virus . Somehow doctors never realise this practical difficulty . We did a video consultation with a prominent hospital with the same prescriptions of medicine and tests .

During this time , my daughter’s oxygen saturation levels started coming down and reached 80/85 . I panicked and then contacted my batchmate in Service- Dr. Jaiya. He was a pillar of calmness and reassurance - so vital for a patient who has been buffeted from all sides. He firmly advised against starting steroids for my daughter- stating that there is a ‘Goldilocks moment’ for this . He calmly advised that stay at home , organise oxygen and lie on the stomach as much as possible for my daughter. Fortunately the complex organised a regular supply of oxygen and after five tense days , the oxygen levels of my daughter started stabilising .

No steroids : no favipur : virtually no medicines apart from paracetamol and vitamin supplements. We followed this advise of Dr . Jaiya and with God’s Grace, over a period of twenty five tense days, the family came out of this crisis all due to the medical guidance of Jaiya. Apart from medication , it was the calmness and reassurance of Jaiya which was the real panacea and gave us tremendous mental peace .He was a pillar of strength and kept on saying that things will be all right and he had seen patients in a much worse condition who have come out of it .

We are really indebted to Dr. Jaiya .

Sanjay Srivastava
Retd IAS officer
Gurugram, Haryana
June 6, 2021

Testimonial 9:

My father and I are most grateful and indebted to Dr. Guriqbal Singh Jaiya, CMD, AIMS2HEALTH.COM for his contribution to the treatment of my father and myself during our tryst with Covid-19 at the beginning of 2021.

It was an emotional shock to see RT-PCR ‘positive’ results for COVID 19 on our throat and nose swab reports.

Thereafter, all logic and common sense went out the window. I found myself totally panicked and rather lost and at my wit’s end when fortunately I was given Dr Jaiya’s mobile number.

I shared our RT-PCR reports with him.

First, he sent me a list of to-do guidelines.

These were rather simple things that I could do on my own; he suggested some nutritional supplements, ordered some blood tests to be carried out and gave some general advice for our physical movement and the monitoring of our oxygen levels and pulse rates with a finger oximeter.

He calmly advised me and in effect trained me well to be able to physically take care of my father as well.

He instructed me to treat the symptoms with simple remedies: To take paracetamol for mild fever or headaches, and take cough syrup or cold medicine for related symptoms.

He requested for some blood tests to get an overall understanding of the severity of our respective cases; this was especially important for my father who is in his mid 70s and has had multiple health issues, including that of low thyroid.

For my father, we repeated tests when Dr. Jaiya was concerned about certain symptoms or previous results; i.e., those prior to the current illness.

I had a mild symptoms but my father suffered a lot more comparatively speaking. His fever stayed for full two weeks, the weakness was beyond anything he had ever experienced, and had enough other aches, pains and troubles including severe loss of appetite.

The fear of this unknown debilitating virus would have weakened my father and me to a much greater degree had Dr. Jaiya not been an integral part of our daily care by phone and WhatsApp messages and an occasional video call on WhatsApp.

More than anything else, I believe that we are now on the other side of this viral illness with the mildest aftermath it is only thanks to the patience, care and practical advice that we received from him daily although only be telephone.

He listened, he guided, he didn’t overload us with unnecessary medication and, most importantly, he was there with us throughout it all.

My dad joins me to thank you from the bottom of our heart.

Best always,
Head of Private Brands
FoodHall, Futures Group, India

Testimonial 10:

I am hugely indebted to Dr. Guriqbal Singh Jaiya, CMD AIMS2Health.com for his treatment of 6 members of my family and myself afflicted with Covid-19.

Last month, one by one, we came down with Covid. He explained that none of the Allopathic medicines popularly in use, have been proven to cure Covid, and advised that we should take no medicines except paracetamol as the long as Oxygen levels were fine. This kept our energy levels high and appetite good and we were able to recover fast.

Most of us started recovering after the first week but in the second week, my husband’s Oxygen level started dipping into the 80s and on one occasion even 76. It is at this juncture that his advice of Nebulisation with a steroid worked wonders. It stabilised the level at 88. Thereafter we gave the homeopathic Aspidosperma with which Oxygen level came up beyond 94.

I consider myself fortunate that I consulted Dr Jaiya right at the beginning because he did not over medicate us. Hence we did not have any side effects of strong medicines. He gave us just the right amount of treatment when it was required.

Thank you very much Dr. Jaiya and AIMS2Health.com

Mrs. Chetna Kumar
Retd. Civil Servant.