Step-1: Registration


The patient or patient's proxy provides essential contact information and essential demographic particulars.

Step-2: Upload Medical History


In the next page, it is important to fill all patient-related information like symptoms, allergies, upload medical reports and submit your queries for AIMS2Health specialists to answer. For uploading reports - Scan or take a clear picture of your reports using your mobile phone. If you need any help in this process, reach out to us at +91 9868227853.

Step-3: Informed Consent


Electronically provide e-Consent. Carefully read and understand the components of the consent and then click (I Agree). Best for you to download the e-consent form beforehand through the downloadable link. Patient or guardian or authorized proxies of the patient need to sign electronically provided e-consent.

Step-4: Choose Doctor


You can view all the listed Ex AIIMS trained specialists and their detailed profile. You can choose a single doctor or multiple doctors or can form multidisciplinary board from the list. If you are not sure about the right doctor for your second opinion, you can ask AIMS2Health to select the specialists for you.

Step-5: Consent and Payment

As per your doctor selection and doctor's availability, you will be given the confirmation for the appointment and you need to make the payment. Per 2nd Opinion Case:
  • Single specialist: Rs. 2500 (Rupees two thousand five hundred only)
  • Team of two specialists: 3500 (Rupees three thousand five hundred only)
  • Board (three or more : Rs. 5,000 (Rupees five thousand only)
These costs include:
  • The basic registration fee for running the AIMS2Health web-based platform services including the videoconferencing facility, online record storage fees, etc;
  • The case/referral summary preparation service; and
  • The fee(s) payable to the specialist(s) for 2nd opinion service to review and assess your file, for all phone or video consultations with the specialist to verify facts, collect additional information and to discuss your second opinion and answer all your key questions.
It does not include:
  • Any fee for additional investigations or imaging; or
  • Any reinterpretation of an image by a radiologist or a specimen by a pathologist, when that task is secondary to that of the specialist consulted by you.

Step-6: Doctor Consultation


Within 48 hours each Specialist(s) contacts you directly (while keeping the AIMS2HealthTM in the picture) provide Second Opinion, fix an in-person or online appointment or may ask for a video conference with you and your representative. This will be done through a mutually convenient mode of contact. The specialist(s)/Board might ask to see you face-to-face to form their opinion. You'll have the opportunity to ask questions and raise any concerns about your condition. In some cases, AIMS2Health may ask you to provide additional information or get some additional tests done.

Step-7: Internal Processing


Based on best practice, additional tests or investigations maybe requested if felt essential and time is available. The specialist will take a look at your medical information and make an assessment based on best practice guidelines. Forward to you or your representative you’re Case File, along with Referral Summary.

Step-8: Report


Your health data has now been created and is going to help maintain your lifetime Electronic Health Record. This will help for future disease episodes and can be provided on your request to any other doctor or hospital who desires the same. In case you decide that we should not keep any record, we can destroy the same on a specific request. Details of that will be shared as per need.

Within 24 to 48 hours, if required a doctor (GP) in the online hub of AIMS2health will prepare a case summary (which will double as a specialist referral note) based on information and documents provided.

If need be, the GP will set up an appointment with you or your representative to seek clarifications, additional information or require you to undergo any essential tests, investigations, etc. This appointment would be needed and decided by the GP on his/her own or in consolation with one or more specialists in our team of specialists.

When to look for 2nd opinion?

Pros and Cons of Alternatives

Feeling uncertain or to explore options for a serious illness such as surgery, or understand the pros and cons of radiotherapy, immunotherapy and targeted therapy for treatment of cancer.

Inadequate or Dissatisfying Responses

Unanswered questions or inadequate responses of treating doctor or other specialists that were consulted.

Reassurance needed

Confirmation of diagnosis or treatment plan for reassurance and peace of mind.

Right Doctor/Hospital

Find the best team and/or hospital for your needs.

Payer/Employer Requirement

Health insurance or employer's requirement.

Specialist Referral

My General Physician or Family Doctor has asked for it.