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Our highly accomplished and experienced team of specialist and superspecialists takes pride in providing world class healthcare services based on up to date knowledge, competencies and skills. Above all, they are trustworthy, accessible, empathetic, and willing to discuss with you in your mother tongue whenever possible.

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Dr. Jitendra Maheshwari

MBBS (AIIMS), MS Orthopaedics (AIIMS), Former Additional Professor, AIIMS New Delhi

Orthopaedics (39 Yrs Clinical Experience)

Dr. Parveen Gupta

MBBS (AIIMS), MD Medicine (AIIMS).

Medicine (39 Yrs after MD)

Dr. Shashi Bhushan Gogia

MBBS (AIIMS), MS Surgery (AIIMS), Lymphedema, Cosmetic Surgery, Hand Surgery

Surgery (40 Yrs after MS)

Dr. Harsh Kumar Johri

MBBS (AIIMS), MS Orthopaedics (AIIMS)

Orthopaedics (40 Yrs after MS)

Family Physicians and General Practitioners

Holistic Healthcare and Wellness

When to look for 2nd opinion?

Pros and Cons of Alternatives

Feeling uncertain or to explore options for a serious illness such as surgery, or understand the pros and cons of radiotherapy, immunotherapy and targeted therapy for treatment of cancer.

Inadequate or Dissatisfying Responses

Unanswered questions or inadequate responses of treating doctor or other specialists that were consulted.

Reassurance needed

Confirmation of diagnosis or treatment plan for reassurance and peace of mind.

Right Doctor/Hospital

Find the best team and/or hospital for your needs.

Payer/Employer Requirement

Health insurance or employer's requirement.

Specialist Referral

My General Physician or Family Doctor has asked for it.