2nd opinion from Ex-AIIMS Specialist Doctors...

... because 2nd opinion should be the final opinion.

About 2nd Opinion

What is special about AIIMS-trained Doctors?

Since the 1960s the AIIMS, New Delhi is rated the best hospital for training doctors in India. It attracts the best students and faculty from all over India. New AIIMS around India have replicated this success in good measure in the recent past. Yet access of an average patient to quality healthcare is very limited in India outside big cities. Our virtual platform responds to this gap/need.

Through it, AIIMS-trained doctors in private practice in India and abroad provide 2nd Opinion services countrywide. A majority of our specialists/super-specialists are from AIIMS, New Delhi. Their knowledge, skills, and competence compare in quality to that of the best doctors worldwide.

Get 2nd Opinion?

Improving Health Outcomes Through Patient Empowerment

  • We create personalized user-friendly experiences to meet each patient’s unique health needs.

  • For efficient and effective coordination, communication and continuity of care, we maintain your Health Records in a patient and doctor friendly EMR system designed by a practicing doctor.

  • We carefully review the credinatials of the specialist doctors made available to you on this platform.


  • Real-time video-consultation with patient's team
  • Store-and-Forward communication
  • Secure, safe and standards compliant technologies and systems/platforms

Quality Assured Doctors

  • Credentialing: Verification of competency, as demonstrated by education, training, registration and work experience
  • Privileging: Granting of approval to perform certain procedures based on demonstration of competency


  • Improves Quality of Care
  • Ensures Convenience and Efficiency
  • Save Space
  • 24/7 Easy Patient Access through the patient portal

Multispeciality Tumour Board

  • Virtual boards further improves speed of decision-making
  • Improves teamwork and coordination of complex care
  • Important for recurrent and metastatic cancers
  • Biomarker-selected clinical trials

Board of Directors

When to look for 2nd opinion?

Pros and Cons of Alternatives

Feeling uncertain or to explore options for a serious illness such as surgery, or understand the pros and cons of radiotherapy, immunotherapy and targeted therapy for treatment of cancer.

Inadequate or Dissatisfying Responses

Unanswered questions or inadequate responses of treating doctor or other specialists that were consulted.

Reassurance needed

Confirmation of diagnosis or treatment plan for reassurance and peace of mind.

Right Doctor/Hospital

Find the best team and/or hospital for your needs.

Payer/Employer Requirement

Health insurance or employer's requirement.

Specialist Referral

My General Physician or Family Doctor has asked for it.

Keep yourself informed