• Human Resources (HR) and Business Contexts:

    HR policies and procedures of AIMS2Health give guidance on a range of employment issues for employees, managers, and others with responsibility for people. These play an important role in practically and effectively implementing AIMS2Health’s HR strategy. They also provide consistency and transparency for employees and managers, helping to enhance the psychological contract and create a positive organizational culture.

    The human capital of AIMS2Health comprises of ‘the knowledge, skills, and abilities that its workers possess and which have been acquired through education, training, creative experimentation, and experience both within and beyond the workplace’. Human capital management in AIMS2Health treats its people as assets rather than costs. It focuses on adopting an integrated and strategic approach to managing people, which is the concern of all stakeholders in AIMS2Health, and not just its human resources management professionals or department.

    Human capital management in AIMS2Health seeks to complement and strengthen its strategic Human Resources Management (HRM) by:

    • Clarifying the links between what people do in their jobs, the value they create, and business strategy. This includes not just what people do day-to-day, but also how they bring innovation into operational tasks or management processes.
    • Strengthening the belief that people are assets rather than costs.
    • Drawing attention to the significance of ‘management through measurement’ - the aim being to establish a clear line of sight between HR interventions and organizational success.
    • Providing guidance on what to measure, how to measure and how to report on the outcomes of measurement (this is often known as ‘human capital metrics’).
    • Underlining the importance of using the measurements to prove that superior people management is delivering superior results and to indicate the direction that HR strategy should follow.
    • Reinforcing attention on the need to base HRM strategies and processes on the requirement to create value through people and thus further the achievement of organizational goals.
    • Emphasizing the role of HR specialists as business partners.

    Strategic HRM can be seen as the means through which human capital is converted into organizational value. Human capital evaluation is useful in that it provides information about people’s current and potential capabilities to inform the strategy. So strategic HRM could be viewed as the framework within which the evaluation, reporting, and management processes take place and ensures that they are mutually reinforcing. It reinforces the importance of individual HR strategies fitting with each other and operating within a strategic framework that incorporates both people and business issues.

    AIMS2Health is committed to continuously improving access to affordable and best-in-class healthcare services to all. This includes residents of underserved regions of India. These regions include the urban, semi-urban, rural, and tribal areas, including the remotest of the remote areas of all the aspirational districts of India.

    The services of AIMS2Health are delivered through its innovative state-of-the-art health IT platform which has some very innovative, creative, and unique set of capabilities built into its front end. The front-end is creatively coupled with its dynamic, and life-long teams of self-driven learners. It relies equally on all its external and internal partners. AIMS2Health is committed to working in an open, network-driven system of systems of innovation. The ultimate objective is to provide best-in-class service delivery and feedback systems linked to integrated packages of healthcare service offerings from cradle to grave.

    AIMs2Health believes in equitable partnerships based on immutable principles and interests. It is open to join forces with all kinds of organizations (Media, Governments-Central and State/UTs, Private Sector, Public Sector, Civil Society Organizations, both national and international) to set up and provide high-quality preventive, promotive, curative, and palliative health care programs and service offerings on mutually acceptable, fair and equitable terms and conditions.

    These partnerships are designed to seamlessly connect any and every patient with even a mere 2G phone in any remote, rural community through the health IT platform to a competent and technologically and functionally integrated, sets of teams of General Practitioners, Family Physicians, Specialists, and Super-specialist doctors educated and/or trained at AIIMS, New Delhi, in particular, but in any of the newer AIIMS countrywide, in general.

    The technical and operational aspects of AIMS2Health's front-end and backend fully conform to international and national technical standards, rules, and regulations as well as best practices in the delivery of value-added, affordable, and best-in-class healthcare services at the doorstep of all, including the poorest of poor (who are supported directly by CSR activities of AIMS2Health and its partners.)

    With head office in New Delhi, India, AIMS2Health has countrywide reach through its modern and up-to-date cloud-based healthcare platform. It is based on all relevant Government of India's approved Health IT frameworks and standards, including the National Digital Health Blueprint compliant standards-driven telemedicine platform, and WebApps.

    AIMS2Health services are likely to be made available to many other countries as soon as possible. These arrangements shall fully conform to the relevant national laws (especially the Telemedicine Practice Guidelines and other laws and regulations of the Government of India) as well as of the organizations and partner country's relevant national laws, standards, and regulations concerning health services and personal data protection legal obligations (such as CCPA, GDPR, HIPAA, LGPD, and POPI).

    AIMS2Health's human resources are and will always remain central to its success. This is driven by continuous innovation and creativity which underpin its abilities and capabilities that enable AIMS2Health to compete and deliver better value than its competitors, nationally and internationally. Not just advanced technologies but as much, if not much more important, is the growth and development of its human resources to remain well-informed as this is essential to become and remain competitive in the market, domestic or international.

    AIMS2Health strives to respond timely and effectively to the fast-changing circumstances and newer possibilities and opportunities offered by ever-improving e-health, m-health, and connected health services based on cloud-based medical, and fitness devices and Cyber-Physical Systems.

    AIMS2Health believes that work should be fun, relaxing, meaningful, and enriching in diverse ways. It believes in the consistent delivery of best-in-class services from a quality assurance perspective. But this is done with an eye on continuous improvement through creative and innovative solutions for overcoming challenges and grabbing opportunities for creating satisfied and delighted users, customers, patients, caregivers, and other stakeholders of AIMS2Health who are its life-long partners and brand ambassadors.

    AIMS2Health believes in word-of-mouth-driven organic growth based on long-term relationships that serve the basic needs and interests of all stakeholders in AIMS2Health. These include all stakeholders in healthcare at all levels of society from an individual to the family unit to the communities at large and India's citizens, including the poorest of the poor, as one big family.

    Soon, AIMS2Health aspires to go beyond India's national borders to Indian nationals temporarily settled abroad, internationally. This naturally would be done in full compliance with all applicable national and international laws and would be subject to the legal requirements of the countries they reside in.

    At AIMS2Health, we’re taking on one of India’s biggest healthcare delivery challenges for solving the health access gap in the last mile of its dispersed and far-flung villages and small towns, which are chronically underserved by the modern allopathic system which is largely big city-centric. It seeks to complement and operate synergistically with the efforts, strategies, and development frameworks of its multifarious partners in promoting Health for All, sustainably, ecologically, economically, and socio-culturally.

    AIMS2Health believes in creating and maintaining an inclusive organizational culture, which is conducive for the nurturing, growth, happiness, and fulfillment of its incredible staff and partners who work with us.

    AIMS2Health is an equal opportunities employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees. AIMS2Health does not discriminate in employment on the basis of race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy and gender identity), national origin, political affiliation, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, genetic information, age, membership in an employee organization, retaliation, parental status, military service, or other non-merit factors.

    AIMs2Health seeks to provide employees with a work environment free of discrimination and harassment, including sexual harassment. In 2013, India enacted the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act to protect workers in both formal and informal sectors. AIMS2Health seeks to abide by it in both letter and spirit. The law defines sexual harassment as physical contact and advances, or a demand or request for sexual favors, or making sexually colored remarks, or showing pornography, or any other unwelcome physical, verbal, or non-verbal conduct of sexual nature. Any of these acts whether direct or implied, constitute sexual harassment under the law. It provides an alternative to filing a criminal complaint with police and mandates employers to set up an internal committee in case of a private company to hear complaints, conduct inquiries, and recommend action to be taken against perpetrators. The actions can range from a written apology to termination of employment.

  • Internships:

      • Current vacancies: One each in following Functional Areas/Departments:
      • Digital Marketing and Social Media (One Vacancy)
      • Human Resources(One Vacancy)
      • Finance, Accounts, and Audit (One Vacancy)
      • Quality Assurance (One Vacancy)
      • Partnerships (One Vacancy)
      • Doctor Onboarding (One Vacancy)
      • Legal (One Vacancy)
      • Coordination with IT vendors (One Vacancy)
      • UX design (One Vacancy)
      • User Interface Optimisation (One Vacancy)
      • Branding and Social Media (One Vacancy)
      • Intellectual Property (One Vacancy)
      • Personal Data Protection, Privacy, and Security (One Vacancy)
      • Executive Assistant to Chairman cum Managing Director (One Vacancy)
      • Executive Assistant to Director (Marketing Business Development and Partnerships) (One Vacancy)
      • Executive Assistant to Director (Finance, Accounts, and Audit) (One Vacancy)
      • Executive Assistant to Director (Surgical Specialities) (One Vacancy)
      • Executive Assistant to Director (Medical Specialities) (One Vacancy)
      • Executive Assistant to Director (Technology and Healthcare Informatics) (One Vacancy)
      • Note: * Likely to be converted soon to full-time staff positions.
    • Basic Qualifications:
      Flexible (when not specified) as the ability to deliver results trumps over degrees and diplomas, except where legally mandated. Bachelor's and Master's students preferred but anyone including a 16-year old bright youngster can and should apply.
    • Location
      These are remote positions (Work From Home: Tele-Working).
    • Remuneration:
    • Duration and start date:
      Flexible; generally of 2, 3 or 6 months
    • Languages and language competencies:
      • Mother Tongue Proficiency in English and Hindi essential.
      • Mother Tongue proficiency in Bengali a priority.
      • Reasonable proficiency (conversational) in other Indian languages would be added asset.
    • General expectations of an intern/employee:
      • Organizational fit:
        AIMS2Health is dedicated to developing strong, creative, innovative, and dynamic implementation teams to synergistically and seamlessly support its different Functional Areas within and across its Departments as a matrix organization. It has an open, supportive and nurturing environment that encourages work from home as the preferred option, as well as proper work-life balance. It supports and encourages employee's individual and collective lifelong learning in diverse areas of human endeavor, including supporting their hobbies and civil society interests in any and every other possible way that nourishes the employees' mind, body, heart, and soul.
      • Digital Orientation:
        AIMS2Health has developed a modern cloud-based front-end technology platform. This is integrated with a partner's cloud-based state-of-the-art EHR platform as the back-end engine to eventually make it fully AI-driven in the context of Internet-of-Medical-Things (IoMT) as a component of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS). This will enable AIMS2Health through its teams of employees to better serve the ever-evolving requirements of its internal and external stakeholders to drive the effective and timely delivery of its healthcare services for meeting the express and implied needs of its customers, users, partners, patients, caregivers, etc.
      • Customer and Quality Focus:
        The ultimate objective is to deliver the best possible healthcare to individuals, families, groups, and communities. This is sought to be done by striving continuously for regular, evidence-based, customer-centric, incremental and, when possible, radical improvements and subsequently sustainable maintenance of the health status of all, including and especially of those living in chronically underserved areas countrywide.
  • Jobs:

    • Current vacancy(ies):
      • Project Executive: (One Vacancy)
    • Basic Qualifications:
      • MBBS degree (essential)
      • Preferably also a diploma/degree in Family Medicine, an MBA degree, or a Postgraduate Degree in Health IT or Digital Marketing.
    • Location This is a remote position (Work From Home: Tele-Working).
    • Remuneration/salary:
      • Competitive salary package including ESOPs in deserving cases.
      • Negotiable
    • Languages and language competencies:
      • Mother Tongue Proficiency in English and Hindi essential.
      • Mother Tongue proficiency in Bengali a priority.
      • Reasonable proficiency (conversational) in other Indian languages would be added asset.
    • Experience: At least two years of relevant experience
    • Basic Description of Role:

      The Project Executive will report to the Chairman cum Managing Director. She/he will support the implementation of AIMS2Health’s telemedicine activities internally and externally across the board; with internal stakeholders, Specialists on the AIMS2Health Platform, Vendors, and Partners of all kinds. A typical day might include roles such as:

      • Coordinate with various stakeholders - implementing agency, funder, government - to deliver a successful implementation.
      • Generate stakeholder buy-in from key stakeholders.
      • Work with technical and non-technical staff who manage telemedicine programs with partners.
      • Work with implementing agency's field staff to executive periodic monitoring and impact assessment.
      • Periodic reporting of project metrics to internal and external stakeholders.
      • Support in training the master trainers or end-users.
    • Key Attributes:
      • Team player
      • Excellent interpersonal relationship skills and competencies
      • Proficiency in the use of modern project management IT tools such as Jira, Slack and GitHub.
      • This role involves the operational management of diverse projects. It requires the executive to work closely with technical and non-technical staff involved in deployment.

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